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Traditional Japanese Art Painting

When you are in China, it is possible to learn the art of calligraphy and Japanese customs. Scrolls are the best thing to bring home from a trip through the ancient metropolis Lijiang, Guilin’s heavenly beautiful metropolis, or Huangshan. It’s also fascinating and interesting to use soft brushes when painting. Japanese Art Painting fans should take home a few pieces of this art. Go here!

Japanese’s also called traditional/customary Japanese painting. Japanese Painting is painted by conventional techniques that are in accordance with Japanese standards. Japanese Painting developed its distinctive style.

Japanese Paintings are done with Japanese Ink, Japanese Paint Dye & brushes. Topics of painting can be divided into three categories: Flowers, Birds & Landscapes.

On painting practices, one’s traditional/customary realistic painting distinguished by fine brushwork & close notice to detail while the other’s freehand brushwork.

How to locate them?

Do you still have trouble finding a Japanese or Oil Painting with the right composition and size, at a price that fits your budget?

Perhaps you can find Japanese in your city.

It is possible that you spend a great deal of valuable time trying to find information about Painting for Sale or the artist.

It is your expectation that a talented and gifted artist will turn your idea into a genuine hand-painted painting!

Brick-and-mortar shops do this in many cases.

What makes them the best option?


This is a reputable arcade based in China. This arcade uses the best local Japanese talent in the industry.

They have been doing business in this field for at least 10 years, unlike countless other online painting shops/stores.

The prices of these companies are very competitive and within your budget. The prices are up to 80% cheaper than local stores/stores.

No intermediaries, so they offer artists-to-customer prices.

Custom painting is their specialty. They can create paintings of flowers, landscapes, animals, portraits, or oil paintings according to your needs.